About Fare Share LTD

Aviation is a service industry.  This is a precept that we at Fare Share Ltd. will never forget.  Our company was founded on the belief that quality aviation service was needed in the Philadelphia area.  That idea took root and grew, and we now offer quality, competitively priced services throughout the United States. 

People are the key in aviation as in any other service business, and our people take pride in their skill, their workmanship, their attitude, and their loyalty.  Fare Share Ltd. and its personnel strive to maintain three standards:

These goals have brought us to where we are and, we believe, will carry us toward an expansive future.

To meet the challenges of the future we will continue to diversify and expand.  But, as we grow, we will always remember that ours is a service industry, and we will continue to deliver the highest quality aviation services which our customers have come to expect. 


Fare Share Ltd. is dedicated to the memory of Col. Harold L. Jones USAG (Retired). The "Colonel’s" strength and guidance throughout the years were appreciated by all who knew him. His principles of honesty and fairness are the mainstay of our business. He will never be forgotten.


For more information please contact Richard Jones (610)-495-5111 or 1-800-220-2FLY.