Fare Share LTD – Aircraft Management Program

Fare Share’s Aircraft Management Program relieves both private and corporate aircraft owners of the burden of a flight department and its associated costs.  After all, you own your own plane to save time and money, not to have those benefits offset by administration, maintenance tracking, flight crew selection, concierge service and scheduling.

When it is not cost-effective to create and maintain your own flight department, we make your going easy.

When you need us we're there, but Fare Share, Ltd. does more than take you where you want to go. Fare Share, Ltd. is able to provide cost-recovery by placing equipment into charter use when an airplane is not being used by its owners. Fare Share, Ltd. also can create time-sharing arrangements among its corporate customers, making a wide range equipment available to meet our clients' unique or varying requirements.

Fare Share, Ltd's total management program includes aircraft maintenance and compliance with FAA air-worthiness directives. Computerized record-keeping relieves corporate customers of all personnel, payroll and accounting responsibilities and allows us to provide exact mileage, time and cost analyses for budget projections and reviews.

Customers also benefit from 24-hour service and a designated crew – dedicated to providing command performances for each of the companies we serve.


For more information please contact Richard Jones: (610)-495-5111 or 1-800-220-2FLY.